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A selection links to homeowner advocate sites.
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     Lake Holiday News is focused on discussing issues relevant to the property owners at Lake Holiday, a community of approximately 2700 lots surrounding a 240 acre man-made lake located in Cross Junction, Virginia.
     Prestonwood Forest
Our mission is to re-establish, maintain, and promote a community of united individuals residing in Prestonwood Forest, where everyone may exercise their freedom of speech without fear of intimidation or retaliation.
     NJ Voices
Frank Askin's Blog
The official website of Mike Deluca, Founder of The Concerned Unit Owners Group. In this website, Mike will share his opinions and experiences while living at the Galaxy Towers Condominium in Guttenberg New Jersey.
     Citizens for Pets in Condos
Citizens for Pets in Condos, Inc. educates the public on the health benefits of animal companionship and about responsible pet ownership in order to increase acceptance of companion animals in common interest ownership communities.
     The Castle Coalition
The Castle Coalition is the Institute for Justice’s nationwide grassroots property rights activism project. The Castle Coalition teaches home and small business owners how to protect themselves and stand up to the greedy governments and developers w
     The Texas Homeowners for HOA (Homeowner Association) Reform, Inc.
The Texas Homeowners for HOA (Homeowner Association) Reform, Inc. is a web based non-profit organization. We invite any Texan who supports our Objectives to become a member.
     Domestic Tranquility
If you have any questions about what a Mandatory Association is, you've come to the right place. Please review "The HOA PRIMER", which is an unbiased, educational perspective on what has happened to our American neighborhoods.
     Stop Texas HOA Foreclosures
Join the National Homeowners Advocate Group, LLC. We are the largest homeowner advocate group in the United States with actual homeowners as members. Join other homeowners and together we can make a difference.
     Common-Interest Homeowners Association
C-IHC is an independent non-profit organization composed of owners of common-interest residential associations, including condominiums, townhomes, planned unit developments, and cooperatives. The Coalition will serve as the voice of homeowners to leg
     Maryland Homeowners' Association
MHA is a non-profit, volunteer, statewide organization chartered in 1982. MHA supports the enactment and improvement of county and state laws protecting the rights of members of condominiums, homeowner associations and cooperatives.
     Common Interest Homeowners Coalition
The Common-Interest Homeowners Coalition (C-IHC) was formed to serve as the independent voice for homeowners in New Jersey residential associations.
     Cyber Citizens for Justice
CYBER CITIZENS FOR JUSTICE, INC. was founded to unite Floridians in their quest to improve the daily lives of CITIZENS in our State. We are seeking to present CITIZENS' interest in Florida through ADVOCACY, EDUCATION and LEGISLATIVE REFORM.
     Center for California Homeowner Association Law
Principals of the Center for California Homeowner Association Law (CCHAL) are housing and consumer advocates who have been working both independently and collectively for many years to expand and protect the rights of homeowners living in California
     Concerned Homeowners
The message of this site is for “Joe Homeowner.” “Governmental stone walls” will have ears, if enough home ‘owners’ are conscious of what ‘their representatives’ are doing, and let it be known that they are aware.
     Coalition of HomeOwners for Rights and Education
CHORE is a Coalition of HomeOwners for Rights and Education. Our main purpose is to educate, enlighten and secure the rights our Democracy affords. We are a group OF homeowners, BY homeowners, and FOR homeowners in Associations.
     Citizens Against Private Governments
CCLG is a nonprofit organization formed to provide full and material disclosure ofall the factors that can have profound effects on your decision to buy into an HOA controlled property.
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