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There was a time when  people who bought a house could expect to base their choices and decisions on what they wanted and how the house would be used to best accommodate the needs of their families.  Some people went as far as to imagine that their homes were their castles.  Apparently that is no longer the case.  There seems to be this irrational notion that the neighbors have a higher interest in how you live in, and use your private property, than you do.  When did we become so intolerant and so nosy?  Do we, as a nation, have so much spare time on our hands that we can spend our leisure time spying on the people next door and then tormenting them if they don't conform to our idea of what we consider normal?

On The Commons with me this week is Corrina Gourlay.  Corinna and her husband have opened up their hearts and homes to children who would otherwise be institutionalized and deprived of a loving home environment.  They have, by all accounts, an old fashioned household with lots of kids and plenty of love to go around for their own children as well as the foster kids they have taken in.  But, it seems some of their neighbors object and have filed a law suit alleging that the Gourlays are using their homes as a business and would like them to take the necessary steps to come into "compliance" with the covenants. 

At the bottom of the hour we will be joined by Dwayne Gillespie.  Dwayne's neighbors also want to force him to into compliance.  They claim Dwayne's service dog, Dude, violates their 25 lb weight limit on dogs. We'll ask the questions, is a foster home a business and do association boards have the outlandish authority to determine how much a service dog can weigh.  download corrina gourley

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