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Some people would have us believe that by simply buying a unit in a common ownership development, we have consciously signed away all constitutionally protected rights.  In some cases they even try to make it sound like a benefit.  And should we disagree with them?  Their sole remedies are to either run for the board and "change things" or, the more oft used, "move".  Are those reasonable suggestions?  Should you have to move because someone, somewhere has decided residents of homeowners' associations are not worthy of rights? On The Commons with me this week is Professor Frank Askin.  A Constitutional lawyer and law professor at Rutgers University, Professor Askin is the founder of the Constitutional Litigation Clinic at Rutgers University in New Jersey who does not believe that Americans should have to check their rights at the entrance of a homeowners' association.  Join us On The Commons this Saturday, October 26, 2002.  We'll talk about the precedents he has already set and the nine new issues of democratic government that he and his students have raised in the Twin Rivers case.    Download Frank Askin
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