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Foreclosure by homeowner associations is getting top billing in the main stream media nationwide. But do all foreclosures by homeowner associations make the headlines? Are we aware of how many Americans have lost their homes because they were in arrears on money they allegedly owed to their association? And just how much do they have to owe before the foreclosure wheels are set in motion?

On The Commons with me this week is Hal Taylor. Hal is an attorney in Nevada. His client's home was sold on the courthouse steps to recoup $600 in fines, $260 in past due assessments and the costs to foreclose. He is very passionate about this case and is one of those rare attorneys who will represent a homeowner. Please join us On The Commons. We'll get all the details and we'll learn about the events that led up to the foreclosure. We'll also talk about some laws that were enacted in Nevada to protect the homeowners and we'll find out whether these laws did what they were supposed to do.  Download Hal Taylor
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