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There is a rumor out there that homeowner associations provide their members with democracy "up close and personal". The theory being that the homeowners are better able to control their immediate environments, live in closer proximity to those in power and have a better vehicle by which to make their voices heard. It all sounds very nice but does it really work that way? Are HOA homeowners better able to control their neighborhoods and lives or are they more controlled than their non HOA counterparts? And just what happens when homeowners try to express their feelings and desires? Are their voices heard or are they too afraid of speaking out?

On The Commons with me this week is Keith Hansen. Keith, a former reporter and teacher who now works for a Florida University, also hosts and produces his own political talk show, The Grassy Knoll. While the focus of his show is much broader, he is greatly concerned about the direction property rights have taken in this country. He is very familiar with the problems and issues in associations, in fact he just managed to sell his controlled house and move into an HOA free zone. Please join us On The Commons this coming Saturday, October 2, 2004. We'll talk about associations and the effect they have on property rights as well as personal rights. Tune in, you'll be glad you did.  Download Keith Hansen
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