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There is something very comforting about the traditional feeling of "community". The word once conjured a feeling of a people with similar needs, wants and interests, where all the members co-operated and worked together to achieve their common goals. In modern day parlance, however, the word community tends to conjure up images of individuals being targeted by their more powerful neighbors and being harassed and abused by them. Some of the more heinous acts of aggression against members of a modern community were unthinkable not too long ago.

On The Commons with me this week is David McDougald. David, an attorney in Houston, Texas is no stranger to such horrors. One of a handful of attorneys who has been working with individual homeowners for many years, he has witnessed many such unspeakable situations and has not shied from using his knowledge and expertise to help. Please join us On The Commons. We'll hear how one association treated a member of their "community" who just happened to be a critically ill single mother. We'll also hear about some of the other twists involved in this particular story that will leave you wondering what happened to community in "planned communities".  Download David McDougald
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