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Imagine if homeowner associations had the power to kick a member out of the development simply because the board felt the member was a problem. There are no allegations that the owner is 32 cents in arrears on payments, thus threatening to topple the dynasty - no kangaroo courts - no penalties for having dust on the window sill, lint in the doorway or a mailbox that is the wrong shade of black, just a determination that the member is no longer wanted. And then imagine if you would, the courts upholding the board's decision to terminate the member's association with the HOA. Couldn't happen you say?

On The Commons with me this week is Paul Steinberg. Paul, a veteran co-op dweller and attorney whose practice includes real estate law in New York City, is a "down to earth" sort of person, with a wealth of "stories" about life in common ownership developments. Please join us On The Commons.  Paul will talk about the Pullman case in NYC where a co-op owner was "voted out" as a member. We'll also talk about property values in associations and whether the ability to "snuff out" a fellow owner's torch, Survivor style makes them more - or less - desirable. You'll want to hear this one.  Download Paul Steinberg
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