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Julio Robaina Print

"Isolated Incident", "disgruntled homeowner", "malcontent" are just a sample of the pat responses we get when yet one more horror story hits the pages of the print media or the airwaves. Finally, as the sheer number of stories keep coming, those explanations no longer have credibility. As homeowners and activists nationwide seek to put a stop to some of the abuses, and reach out to their elected officials, legislators are told by industry lobbyists to ignore their "disgruntled" constituents because associations provide residents with the greatest control over their environments. But does this excuse for the horrors and abuses sound hollow? Are state legislators buying into these explanations?

On The Commons with me this week is Florida's own, Representative Julio Robaina. The much loved Rep Robaina is the archetype of what elected officials should be. His effervescence, energy and passion have fueled his determination to serve and protect his constituents. Please join us On The Commons. We'll learn about his very busy, active and successful year working with his fellow legislators and serving the people who placed their trust in him. And we'll ask him about his plans for the future.  Download Julio Robaina
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