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Regardless of whether it is a first or a fifth house, the purchase of a new home signifies a new beginning, a different phase on the journey through life, one that is full of promise and hope for a bright future. While we are all aware that life isn't always smooth sailing, are homeowners prepared for the jolting bumps that seem to be part and parcel of a mandatory membership homeowner association? How well do housing consumers understand what they are getting themselves into?

On The Commons with me this week is Georgia Hotten. Georgia's latest book, "Under Mushroom Clouds: Homeowners vs. Homeowner Associations" , is hot off the presses. The book is partly based on her own experiences with her townhouse association in Arizona. She also explores the myths and the expectations of housing consumers, analyzes the relationships between the many players involved and offers some ideas on how the owners themselves can set the stage for the future of their own communities. Please join us On The Commons. We'll talk to Georgia about her book and some of her observations.  Download Georgia Hotten
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