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In simpler times private property meant just that, private property. And there was only one form of government, the kind that was "bound by the chains of the Constitution". These days private property is anything but private and "governments" seem to pop up where you least expect them. Nowhere is this muddied blurring of the traditional more obvious than in a homeowners association. Private property is subject to the control of a "government by contract". And Floridians have yet another layer of government called a Community Development District (CDD). Where do these CDD's fit into the hierarchy of government? What is their function? Are they an alternative to the common garden variety HOA?

On The Commons with me this week is Joe Gorman. Joe is president of The Property Owners' Association of the Villages (The POA) in central Florida. It is an independent organization set up to protect the rights of the homeowners within CDD's. Their mission is to make The Villages a better place to live, where "resident's rights are respected and local government is responsive to the needs and interests of residents." Please join us On The Commons. We'll learn all about CDD's, their function, effectiveness and how they fit into the scheme of things in Florida.  Download Joe Gorman
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