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On the Commons is produced by OTC Multimedia Productions and Broadcast weekly from WEBR in Fairfax Virginia at 2 PM Eastern Time. All content is owned by OTC Multimedia Productions and subject to the Copyright laws of the United States.


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On the Commons is currently accepting anonymous posts for the current show and Viewpoints.  It is not necessary to register for any feature available on this web site at the present time. However due to some recent spam with unsavory content, posts will be approved by the administrator before hey are posted.  We are deeply sorry that a few nitwits have spoiled the otherwise free access to this site.


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The syndication feature appears to be working correctly only for items posted on the Home Page.  Since the Home Page is limited to the current show, this means that you must check back frequently for new content other than the current show. The companion sites (podcasts) and (Wiki) are syndicating correctly. Check this page for news of the syndication feature., Powered by Mambo and Maintained by Terry Bartholomew