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In addition to all the taxes citizens pay to various governments and government agencies, it has been a long standing tradition in this country that homeowners also pay property taxes to their local municipal governments. Traditionally, this money has covered the cost of such things as streets, sidewalks, lights, sewers, trash pickup, snow removal, parks and police protection among other services. However homeowners who live in mandatory membership homeowner associations still pay these property taxes but often get most, if not all, of these services from their HOAs - for which they are charged an additional assessment. Is this a case of double taxation? Should HOA residents have to pay property taxes as well as HOA assessments?

On The Commons with me is Andy Krakowski. Andy, the Senior Director of Government and Public Affairs for the Community Associations Institute, is also CAI's resident expert on the issue of "Double Taxation". Please join us On The Commons. We'll discuss the extra tax burden placed on homeowners who live in associations and we'll find out what we can do about it. Download Andy Krakowski

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