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In order to have harmony, there has to be balance. It is when the scales tip towards one side that we have problems, whether healthwise, in nature or in our neighborhoods. This is as true for the schoolyard bully as it is for a stronger nation invading a weaker neighboring state. So it should come as no great surprise that in mandatory membership associations, when the collective holds all the cards, that the individual homeowner is at a distinct disadvantage. But does that mean that the homeowner has to lose all the time? Or can the individual prevail over the collective?

On The Commons with us this week is Barry Silver. Barry, a Florida attorney, agreed to represent George Andres, the Jupiter Flag Man who was being abused by his neighbors. That a homeowner was being fined, sued and threatened by an HOA for flying a flag is all too common in this day and age of controlled living. What is not at all common, however, is that an attorney would not only take the case, but take it on a contingency, especially when the odds were stacked against him. But after five years of litigation Barry beat the odds and was awarded double his fees by the judge. Please join us On The Commons. We'll get an overview of George's case, we'll find out how the judge arrived at his decision to award him double his fees and we'll ask Barry if he has any advice for his colleagues who may be missing out by refusing to take these cases. I think you will agree that although his name is Silver, Barry is 100% pure Gold.  Download Barry Silver
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