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Smooth sailing is all about avoiding rough seas and enjoying a pleasant ride in calm waters. While it is possible to avoid setting sail on stormy days, it is not so easy to avoid all the bumps in life's journey. For those who like to be in control of their lives, their finances and their welfare, there are many steps that can be taken to stay out of harm's way. But just how much control do we really have?

The increased hurricane activity affecting our coastal areas have taken their toll on residents and resources. We've all seen pictures of the devastation caused by Mother Nature. We've been touched, and outraged, by the actions of individuals trying to help. But once the sensationalism has died down, what next?

On The Commons this week is Jan Bergemann. Jan, President of the Florida based Cyber Citizens for Justice, CCFJ , has heard from many of his fellow Floridians who have been trying to rebuild after numerous hurricanes have battered their homes and neighborhoods. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll learn about the problems they are facing and find out just how they can regain control over even a small portion of their lives.  Download Jan Bergmann
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