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In the not too distant past residential America was a very different place than it is today. In those days, residents looked forward to going home, leaving the stresses and strains of the rest of the world at the end of their driveways. They took comfort in cozy embrace their homes offered and delighted in the calm and tranquility that awaited them. Today, homeowners experience a different feeling as they approach the units they call home but that lack their personal touches that would make it "their" home. Many of them reluctantly go to their mail boxes, apprehensive of what they'll find there. Is it normal to fear going to the one place that should offer the greatest protection, pride, joy and comfort? Will we ever go back to the days when one's home truly is one's castle?

On The Commons this week is Representative Beverly Earle. When Representative Earle of North Carolina heard from her constituents about the problems they encountered in their neighborhoods, she not only listened but she also heard what the people she represented told her and she did something about it. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll talk to the legislator who decided to do something to protect all homeowners in North Carolina.  Download Beverly Earle
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