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The post Kelo era has placed American property owners at increased risk. Now, according to the US Supremes, condemning property to increase the tax base qualifies as a public use. Quite rightly, this decision has outraged Americans. But simply being outraged is not enough to ensure that this extraordinary power the government has, is not abused. It is up to us, as citizens, to become proactive and demand greater protections. One way to be informed about the latest in this ares is to sign up for updates and up to the minute news at .

On The Commons with us this week is Steven Anderson. Steven, an attorney with the Institute for Justice in Arlington, Virginia, heads the Castle Coalition. The Castle Coalition is the Institute's organization designed to work with grass roots property rights activism. Please join us On The Commons. We'll get an update on what is happening in New London, talk about other eminent domain cases and learn a little more about the Institute for Justice, www.ij.orgWe also talk to Arshia Khurshid, a homeowner who broke down during her testimony, frustrated by the heavy handed and abusive treatment at the hands of her HOA board threatened to kill herself.  The violation notice from her HOA , with her permission, is on the News and Views page.  Download Steven Anderson
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