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There are some things that just don't need any explanations and "ownership" is one of those concepts. When one owns something, one is presumed to have complete control and dominion over whatever it is they own. However, this notion doesn't appear to apply to the single largest asset Americans acquire: their homes, if that house is part of a mandatory membership homeowners association. Over the last four decades, property rights have been slipping away, one right at a time, at first imperceptibly, but as Americans accepted these losses, remaining rights were depleted at a much faster rate. When will it all end? Will Americans ever truly own their own homes again or are they destined to live in fear an terror of upsetting the "Nazis next door"?

On The Commons this week is Marjorie Murray. Marjorie is the founder of the California based Common Interest Development Bill of Rights Coalition and the legislative advocate for the California Alliance of Retired Americans. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll get caught up on what has been happening in California and we'll find out if any of the new laws passed this year will protect the rights of California's 8 million controlled homeowners.  Download Marjorie Murray
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