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Virgil Rizzo & Jan Bergmann Print

Misconceptions, myths and misinformation abound about homeowner associations. We are told they are "mini democracies up close and personal", that the members have more control over their lives and surroundings than their non controlled neighbors, the horror stories are just "a few isolated incidents" and there really is no need for any oversight because most people love their associations and any form of oversight would be interfering with a contractual relationship that the homeowners themselves wanted. But is any of that true? Are the many problems associated with such controlled living due to just a few "disgruntled" homeowners who can't "obey" the rules? And what happens when there is a person or an office in charge of providing some much needed "adult supervision"? Does that person have as much free time on his hands as the Maytag Repairman has?

On The Commons this week are Dr. Virgil Rizzo and Jan Bergemann. Virgil, appointed by Governor Jeb Bush almost a year ago, is the first ombudsman providing oversight for Florida's condominiums. We'll find out how the new position is working out and how busy, or idle, he has been since taking office. At the bottom of the hour we'll talk to Jan, the tireless, energetic and very successful president of Cyber Citizens for Justice, ( a Florida based grass roots organization that lobbied for the ombudsman's office. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll find out how the program is working and what's on tap for the future.  Download Virgil Rizzo
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