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Barbara Gatlin and Arshia Print

It is common knowledge that over the past several decades housing associations have been given enormous statutory powers. And with the reluctance of elected officials to provide much needed oversight, American homeowners have been left to suffer the consequences. However, not everyone is willing to suffer in silence and some homeowners have decided to take the bold step to speak up. Recently the Texas Intergovernmental Relations Committee listened to testimony from homeowners regarding the proposed Texas Uniform Property Code Act (TUPCA). The hearing was televised and is available online. The homeowners did an excellent job expressing their opposition to the proposed bill. The last homeowner to testify broke down and through her sobs confessed that she wanted to kill herself. Interestingly enough, while this very sentiment has been expressed to me many times from homeowners at their wit's end, the Senate Committee moved any further comments to their private offices.

On The Commons with us this week is Barbara Gatlin. Barbara, a Texas homeowner and President of the newly founded Texas Homeowners for HOA Reform, inc.,  was at the hearing. We'll talk to Barbara about the hearing, how she found out about it and her reaction to what happened. Please join us On The Commons. We'll find about what happened off camera and talk about how best to showcase the real horror homeowners have to live through in their pursuit of the "American Dream".

We also talk to Arshia Khurshid, a homeowner who broke down during her testimony, frustrated by the heavy handed and abusive treatment at the hands of her HOA board threatened to kill herself.  The violation notice from her HOA , with her permission, is on the News and Views page.    Download Barbara Gatlin
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