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The past several decades have seen a gradual erosion of what Americans can do to, and in, their own homes. Homeowners have been forced to abide by rules dictating everything, from the plant materials they may have in their front yards, to the exact shade of white permissible in the window treatments up to the roofing material that must be used. These rules and controls don't stop outside but are bringing the wars indoors, making life more stressful and tougher than ever. Pet owners, particularly the elderly and disabled, find bans on pets particularly cruel. But when the board of an association, in its infinite power, decides that pets are no longer welcome on the premises, should Americans acquiesce and get rid of Fido? Is there anything American homeowners can do to restore a semblance of sanity in their developments?

On The Commons with us this week is David Shapiro. David is Vice President of the Florida based grass roots organization Citizens for Pets in Condos. Their web site is . They are lobbying for legislation to allow Americans to keep their pets. Please join us On The Commons this Saturday. We'll talk a little about how these bans and mind numbing rules on pets affects pet owners and explore one way homeowners can take back control over their own lives and homes.  To reach David Shapiro call 561-588-7487  Download David Shapiro
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