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John Metzger & Cliff Daly Print

It is only when some of the more hideous abuses of power are put center stage, and under the bright lights, that there is a chance of putting a stop to it. The same goes for stupid and ridiculous rules or laws that not only impede, but prohibit, acts that make life more tolerable. Americans used to enjoy a well deserved reputation of being a free society and a generous people. And many still are, or at least, they try to be. But in recent times, that freedom is rapidly becoming little more than a distant memory and lending a helping hand to those in need has, apparently, been written out of our daily lives.

On The Commons this week is John Metzger. John was asked to represent Hattie Siegal, an 83 year widow who was fined by the Village of Tequesta the incomprehensible sum of $1.8 Million - for having too many plants in her yard. We'll find out what the Village council did, and what it all means for the poor citizen. And at the bottom of the hour we will be joined by Cliff Daley. Cliff, a Florida homeowner, is outraged by a notice sent out by the Board of Directors of his association, Majestic Oaks Homeowners Association, informing the members that the governing documents prohibit them from opening up their homes to people left homeless by hurricane Katrina. We'll get a sense of how his fellow homeowners feel about this notice and what they plan on doing about it. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll shine a bright light on the abuses of a Village that appears to be out of control and also a Board that seems to have crossed the line when it comes to human decency. Note this file is low quality until about the 15 minute mark when it clears up.  Download John Metzger and Cliff Daley
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