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Julio Robaina Print

One of the functions of government is that of protecting its people. This mandate is not limited to protecting our borders from being invaded by hostile nations, or gunning down dangerous criminals within our cities and states. This directive includes protecting citizens from consumer scams, fraud and even petty crimes. Why then, is it so difficult to get our legislators to understand that citizens also need to be protected from the unbridled powers that homeowner associations have? What will it take to get our elected officials to listen?

On The Commons with us this week is Florida State Representative Julio Robaina. Representative Robaina is one of a very small handful of elected officials, nationwide, who does understand this need. A model legislator, he has taken the time to listen to his constituents and has taken their concerns to heart. Please join us On The Commons this Saturday. We'll get caught up with this energetic, outspoken and caring Representative. We'll talk about his bills, past, present and future and find out what we, as citizens, can do to help him and to protect our homes.  Download Julio Robaina
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