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Now that schools are back in session, our children will be learning the history of America. They will read about the War of Independence and the Constitution. They will be told that the founders of this country risked their lives to obtain their independence and that they so loved freedom they drafted something called "The Bill of Rights" to ensure that the rights of generations to come would be protected. And because of the Constitution, our children will be told that they are the freest people in the world. What our children will not be told, is that they will have to fight to preserve that freedom, or what's left of it. It is a lesson their parents are only just beginning to learn.

On The Commons with us this week is David Kahne. David, is a member of the ACLU and one of the few attorneys who represents homeowners against their homeowner associations. David wrote a comprehensive "Homeowner Bill of Rights" for AARP. You can read the document at: . Please join us On The Commons. We'll learn why he wrote it and what happens next. We'll also ask what we can do to ensure that the Homeowner Bill of Rights gets adopted across the country.  Download David Kahne

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