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We expect our elected representatives, and their agents, to keep the best interests of the citizens at heart. We also expect them to operate in the open. It is the only way the citizens have of ensuring that their will is being carried out. And for their part, the citizens have an obligation to concern themselves with the operations of their governments - for how else could they be assured that their will is being carried out and their money wisely spent?

On The Commons with us this week is Michael Cristofaro. Michael is one of the plaintiffs in Fort Trumbull, the neighborhood that was condemned by the City of New London, Connecticut. Having fought to keep his family home and having lost his case in the US Supreme Court, Michael and his neighbor, and fellow fighter, Susette Kelo have come to the end of their battle. Please join us On The Commons. We'll get caught up with Michael and find out what the latest is in this heart breaking case.  Download Michael Cristofaro
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