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With the erosion of homestead protections and the proliferation of excuses to foreclose, American property owners have found themselves on the short end of the stick But at no time has property ownership been dealt such a deadly blow as it was when the US Supreme Court rendered its decision in the Kelo v. New London Case. Now private property can be condemned to make way for other uses and in the process boost the economy of the local government. With this new interpretation of the takings clause in the Constitution, will Americans ever be really secure in their homes?

On The Commons this week is Susette Kelo. Suzette has been fighting to save her home from the wrecking ball - and she continues to fight. This case is about the greatly expanded power the Supreme Court gave local governments but at the heart of all the media hype is a courageous woman who faces losing her home. We'll find out from Suzette what these past several years have been like, how she has survived the past week and whether the fight is over. Also joining us is Steven Anderson. Steven is the coordinator of the Institute for Justice's Castle Coalition. - The Institute for Justice just announced their "Hands Off My Home" campaign as a means of providing citizens with the tools necessary to protect their homes from the government. We'll learn more about this campaign and what each one of us can do to help. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll find out just how this abuse of power affects real people and we'll learn how to protect the sanctity of property ownership. Download Susette Kelo

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