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Owning, and keeping, the American Dream is getting to be increasingly more difficult. Last year's Supreme Court ruling in the Kelo vs New London case did little to protect property owners' interests. Municipal governments, citing the Kelo decision as their authority, are bolder and more aggressive then ever when it comes to taking private property for any reason that strikes their fancy. Americans, incensed by the rather cavalier and arrogant attitude adopted by some governments, have been speaking out. But is it enough? Is anyone listening? Of the original 7 homeowners who fought to keep their Fort Trumbull homes, only two remain, the other 5 have either settled with the city, relocated or died. This week 5 of the 7 New London city councilmen voted to forcibly remove the last two holdouts.

On The Commons with us this week is Dr. Charles Frink. Dr. Frink is one of only two New London City Council members who voted against evicting the remaining homeowners in the Fort Trumbull redevelopment area. He is a long time resident of the city and a retired teacher, who currently writes and composes music as well as serving on the city council. Please join us On The Commons. We'll find out whether there are other alternatives to the eviction and we'll ask how the rest of the city residents feel about the latest developments in this tragic situation.  Download Charles Frink
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