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We all have expectations, from the mundane, every day purchases we make to our relationships with people in all aspects of our lives. For example, we expect that loaf of fresh bread to be fresh and edible and not stale and moldy. We expect fair value and treatment from those we contract with, whether for a new roof, repairing the furnace or cutting our hair. We expect our children to be honest, truthful and reliable. Should we expect any less from our elected officials or those hired to protect the citizens?

On The Commons with us this week is Professor Craig Walton. Dr. Walton is Professor Emeritus of Ethics and Policy Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is also President of the Nevada Center for Public Ethics. . Please join us On The Commons. We'll learn about Public Ethics and we'll talk about how public ethics comes into play with our every day lives as citizens and tax payers. And maybe we'll get some idea of whether or not, as citizens, voters and tax payers we are entitled to certain expectations from those who purport to serve us. Download Craig Walton

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