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We've all heard the old adage that "life imitates art" and in this case, the art that is being imitated is an old child's story called "The Emperor's New Clothes". In the story, the citizens of an empire are conned into seeing amazingly beautiful clothes that do not exist. The con artists hold up air while describing the beautiful materials and clothes they are making. Not one person would admit that they couldn't see anything so they all went along with the charade. Americans are often conned into believing things that are counter intuitive, that make no sense, that can in fact strip them of more rights. Often these notions are wrapped in pretty words, words that conjure up a sense of warmth, pride and a general sense of well being. One of the latest such plans is called "Journey through Hallowed Ground" But can there be something a little less pleasant lurking under the pretty prose? And how can we ensure that Americans are given the truth about how these new ideas will affect them?

On The Commons with us this week is Tom DeWeese. Tom is a tireless advocate for individual property rights, he is President of the Virginia based American Policy Center , and a frequent speaker and guest on national radio and TV shows. Please join us On The Commons. We'll learn more about "The Journey" and we'll talk about grass roots organizations, how to fund them, about and we'll find out which major Hollywood star has joined our fight for freedom. You really will want to hear this one.

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