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There comes a time when homeowners remove the rose colored glasses they were wearing when they bought their home and begin to realize the unit they call theirs has so much more than the four bedrooms, bay window, granite topped island in the kitchen and the spectacular views. At some point the intangible conditions and restrictions that come attached to their HOA controlled house rear their ugly heads to signify the end of the honeymoon period. The first problems that arise, whether they manifest themselves in the form of violation notices or new restrictions adopted by a board of directors or management company, send the heretofore unsuspecting homeowners into a state of total shock and disbelief. Eventually they go online to see if anyone else has had similar problems. Shouldn't the time to do their due diligence be before they sign on the dotted line? And should there be more information available to housing consumers?

On The Commons with us this week is Arlene Bandy. Arlene, a retired school teacher from Baltimore, moved to a large homeowners association in Central Virginia. She is the author of a new book, "Surviving Homeowner Associations. This Book Reveals a Dozen Systemic Cracks in the HOA Governing Vessel" . Please join us On The Commons. We'll talk a little about the book and why she decided to write it, what she learned in her research and what advice she has for housing consumers.  Download Arlene Bandy
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