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In the past there was a widely held belief that land and homeownership came, with few exceptions, a bundle of rights and almost complete sovereignty over the land. But gradually those rights have been eroded. One of the biggest obstacles to the free use of ones land is the fairly new concept of mandatory membership homeowner associations. But before HOAs get to exert their controls over land and home owners, there are other obstacles you need to know about.

On The Commons with us this week is Michael Coffman. Michael, a University Professor, has a PhD in Eco Systems Analysis and Classification, and has conducted research on acid rain and global climate changes. A frequent speaker and presenter, he currently owns his own consulting firm, Environmental Perspectives and maintains an amazing web page, (best viewed with a high speed internet connection). His color coded map of the US depicting the protected areas is a real eye opener. Please join us On The Commons. We'll talk about Smart Growth and find out how the environmental restrictions affect us.  Download Michael Coffman
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