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In the early days when mandatory membership homeowner associations were more of an oddity, when people would have to ask, "A homeowners what? What is that?" , anyone having a problem was usually isolated and the problem or issue dubbed an "isolated incidents". For years the "divide and conquer" method of dealing with individual homeowners was used by the HOA officials - rather successfully. But that was then and this is now and things they are a changing.

On The Commons with us this week will be Patrick Dougherty. Patrick believes that a picture is worth a thousand words, and if all these "isolated incidents" had a means of getting their stories out, not only using lots of words, but using pictures instead or as well, perhaps we could all get a clearer understanding of what is going on in associations. So, to make that happen, he set up a new web site and called it the HOA News Network. Check it out for yourself at . And then, please join us On The Commons. We'll learn all about the new site and just how to use it and marvel at the possibilities.  Download Patrick Dougherty
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