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Rumor has it that the pace of life in rural America is slower and a whole lot friendlier than it is in the more built up, hustle and bustle big cities. Some might even say that time stood still and the values and ideals America was built on still thrive there. The notions most city dwellers have of country living come right out of the Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. Small enclaves where everyone knows your name and everyone is a friend. But what is the reality like? Have the ways of the city ruined small country communities?

Joining the Leprechauns, sprites and elves on our annual St. Patrick's Day show we have our chief Leprechaun, Frank Short in the studio, ready to report on the placidity and tranquility of country living. Join us On The Commons. We will talk about a Virginia Supreme court case and find out how our country cousins are faring and what they can do about it.  Download Frank Short
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