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Do Americans waive their constitutional rights when moving into a homeowners' association? This question has been hotly debated for the past several decades. Members of the association industry, managers, board members and association attorneys generally believe that rights are checked at the entrance of the development. But the homeowners, for the most part, never entertained any notions of not enjoying all the freedoms guaranteed them by Constitution. And now the appellate court in New Jersey agrees with the homeowners. This week we will look at both side of this question.

Our first guest this week is Bob Diamond. Bob, past president of CAI, and an attorney in Northern Virginia, represents developers and writes the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for them. Bob will be sharing his personal thoughts on the Twin Rivers decision.

Margaret Bar-Akiva will be joining us at the bottom of the hour . Margaret and her husband are long time homeowners in Twin Rivers Homeowner Association, plaintiff's in the Twin Rivers case and members of the Committee for a Better Twin Rivers. Margaret is the current president of the New Jersey based Common-Interest Homeowners Coalition (C-IHC We'll get a historic perspective of the events that led to the filing of this case and talk about how this decision will affect the homeowners in New Jersey.  Download Bob Diamond and Margaret Bar-Akiva
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