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Proponents of common ownership developments argue that associations provide citizens with infinitely more control over their lives than any other form of government. They are often quoted as saying that it is "democracy up close and personal" and that all members have a voice in how their immediate neighborhoods operate. Yet, at the same time they argue vociferously to preserve the right of association boards and managers to foreclose, in many cases, nonjudicially, to collect money allegedly owed the association. Is it possible to foster the kind of "community" advocates of associations would have us believe exists in HOAs when the balance of power is heavily tilted in favor of the association? And just how much say do the members have in what happens in their developments? Can problems and misunderstandings be sorted out amicably among neighbors?

On The Commons this week is Hal Taylor. Hal, a Nevada attorney, represents Judi Burns whose home was foreclosed on to collect $600 in fines and a little over $200 in past due assessments. Incredibly this case was just heard by the Nevada Supreme Court. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll talk to Hal, get the facts in the case, find out why it is now in front of the Supreme court and how, in a state with the nation's first program designed to provide some desperately needed oversight in associations, could a homeowner be left homeless. As more and more states discuss the need to foreclose and how to provide some "adult supervision" in associations, this show is a must.  Download Hal Taylor
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