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All creatures need a place to call home. Birds build their nests, lay their eggs and hatch their young, moles burrow deep in the ground to find their homes and bats just hang around, mostly in caves. Humans, too, need their private spaces to raise their families, celebrate their successes, mourn their losses and recharge their batteries. In other words, a place that is all theirs. And much like the shelters in the animal kingdom, human sanctuaries are subject to a whole host of greedy and abusive predators. Never before has it been so important for homeowners to assert their rights and protect their property. But what will it take to alert them to all the pitfalls of homeownership?

On The Commons this week is Al Wilson. Al is the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Homeowners Defense Association (PHDA) and maintains a web page at Concerned about the rampant abuses by lenders, realtors, developers, appraisers and the entire cast involved in selling houses, Al set up an organization to educate buyers of their rights and to assist homeowners who find themselves fighting seemingly insurmountable odds. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll learn a little more about the Pennsylvania Homeowners Defense Association and talk about some of the horror stories that led Al to establish the organization. If, as the saying goes, "Being forewarned is being forearmed" then this show is a must. Download Al Wilson
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