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There is a rumor floating around that homeowner associations are voluntary contractual relationships between willing members and the association. As such, it is assumed that, like any other contract entered into by two willing and able parties, there has been room for negotiation followed by a meeting of minds by all involved. However, with municipal mandates almost a given in most major housing markets across the country, and a "take it or leave it" contract that is part of most housing units, acceptance of the association and a meeting of the minds are little more than a formality. But can a better balance be found? Is it possible to ensure that the rights Americans have become accustomed to enjoying can be preserved in residential America as well?

On The Commons this week is Don Nordeen. Don, a resident of Michigan, wants to find that balance and ensure that homeowners' assets and their peace of mind are protected. He maintains a blog to make information available and to help educate legislators and other leaders as to the needs of their constituents. Please tune in to On The Commons. We'll talk a little about associations and explore ideas of how to ensure the protection of what we have come to expect as a freedom loving people who are reluctant to give away rights fought for by the Founders of this country. Download Don Nordeen
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