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On the Commons with Frank Short Print

Happy St Patrick's Day.  


Every year lobbyists for the HOA industry present legislators with proposed legislation designed to increase the powers of homeowner and condo associations.  The lobbyists often claim they are there at the request of the owners who actually want this new law.  How many of the legislators actually believe these canards is a mystery.  With some of the provisions in these bills you'd have to wonder why any sane owner would even contemplate such laws.  Maybe many of the our lawmakers don't stop to consider what these bills would actually mean if passed.  Could it be they don't understand what they are carrying?


Frank Short joins us On The Commons.  Ever since our very first mid March show we have had a  St Patrick's day edition where Frank has done a roundup of all the proposed legislation in Virginia.  This year is no exception.  We will find out what the managers and attorneys representing associations are dreaming about and how they propose to relieve the owners of more rights.  Frank talks about the wording of some of these bills and explains how, if signed into law by the governor, they would take away a right that the owners have.  Tune in, compare our bills to some proposed in your state and compare the language.  To access the Virginia bills check out  Richmond Sunlight.     . . . Listen to Frank Short . . .   


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