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No clotheslines, no TV antennas, no ham radio antennas, no solar panels, no sunflowers, no basketball hoops, no bikes, no kite flying, no Christmas wreaths, no open garage doors, no flags, no signs, no unapproved mulch, no flagpoles, no oil spots, no pink flamingos, no propane tanks, no windmills, no misplaced house numbers, no dusty mailboxes, no dusty roof tiles, no cracked flower pots, no unapproved garden hoses, no rose bushes, no baby carriages, no balls, no toys, no benches, no statues, no religious insignia, no nonconforming house numbers, no personality, no individuality, no deviation from the neighboring units. Who thinks these things up? And why would anyone not only care but make a career of such mundane issues? Who benefits from such stupidity anyway?  

On The Commons with us this week is Bill Davis. Bill, a Texas attorney, asked himself some of these questions and started doing his homework and what he found out may surprise and shock you. Please join us On The Commons. We'll take a closer look at the bigger picture issues associated with some of these seemingly ridiculous restrictions. Download Bill Davis

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