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Once upon a time property ownership meant enjoying complete dominion over the property owned. No inane restrictions, no white glove tests, no communal funds, no financial risks associated with the management of common assets and liabilities, no uniform requirements and no unnecessary rules and regulations. For the time being, those days are behind us. But are they gone forever? And what recourses are available to so called homeowners in modern day America?

On The Commons with us this week is David Kahne. David, a Houston, Texas attorney, is one of a handful of attorneys nationwide who is willing to represent homeowners in this ongoing battle of ownership in controlled developments. He currently has two homeowner cases he is working on, he authored a homeowner Bill of Rights for the AARP and was recently invited to participate in an industry sponsored panel discussion on the Bill of Rights. Please join us On The Commons. We'll find out the details of his two cases, talk about the Bill of Rights and get caught up on proposed HOA legislation in Texas. Download David Kahne
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