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Some of the best advice that has been handed down throughout the generations is to keep things simple. That advice applies to everything we are involved in as we go through life. Time is finite, it is fleeting and it is precious so why waste it on nonsense? And that is especially valid where we live. There is no sane or logical reason to intentionally complicate our daily lives by placing needless obstacles in our paths. That is as true of government bureaucracy as it is of the sheer insanity of adding the burdens and risks of a homeowners association to our neighborhoods. Is there an end to the money, energy and time that is wasted jumping through hoops to satisfy...... who? What are we doing to ourselves? And why aren't we heeding the age old mantra of KISS, Keep it Simple Stupid?

On The Commons with us this week is Senator Michael Schneider. Senator Mikey, as he is affectionately known, has been involved with trying to "put the fires out" in Nevada for many years. He is knowledgeable about the issues and problems facing that state's exploding population and is an old hand at sponsoring legislation regulating the growing number of mandatory membership homeowners' associations. Please join us On The Commons. We'll get caught up on Nevada's answer to some desperately needed oversight in associations and find out what "fires" still need to be put out. Download Mike Schneider
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