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On The Commons with us is Pia Trigiani. Pia is a partner in the Virginia offices of Troutman Sanders. She specializes in property association law, is a member of CAI, writes for Common Ground, is a regular on the lecture circuit and is the recipient of many awards. Please join us On The Commons. We'll talk about "building community" in mandatory membership associations.

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User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2008-05-10 12:30:01
State of Florida enacted this law to protect condo owners. 
They also established a board to handle condo complaints. Doesn't work great yet - but potential. 
All states and the District need to set up arbitration/master condo judicial courts and ombudsperson. For example, the states should require all condos with over 50 units to place meeting agendas and subsequent on a website or email groups instead of just post on lobby bulletin boards as many owners are offsite. That way more transparent. FHA rules re rental restrictions are unfar especially since middle class retirees can't aford to have a condo in Florida for the winter unless they can do short term rentals. Owners should be able to have quiet enjoyment of their property. Fla statute that all should adopt is below: 
(13) Any amendment restricting unit owners' rights 
relating to the rental of units applies only to unit 
owners who consent to the amendment and unit owners 
who purchase their units after the effective date of 
that amendment. 
> Sec110.htm&StatuteYear=2006 
> see 718.110 (13) re rentals can't restrict 
> retroactively 
> 2006 Fl Statutes 
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