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On the Commons with Martha Boneta Print

We all dream of a safe, happy and healthy home in a safe, happy and healthy neighborhood.  We all need and want the security that comes with a real "community"  where we can raise our families, spend time with our friends and families and retire to when we want to shut the rest of the world out.  Unfortunately that ideal of "home" seems to have been lost in a quagmire of a legal morass. whether in a residential association or out in the countryside.  Gone are the days of a simple and peaceful life where neighbors were friends who looked out for each other.  Sadly nowadays the people watching are not doing so to be helpful but instead looking for ways to destroy their neighbors and take their property away their property.

Martha Boneta joins us On The Commons this week.  Martha, an organic farmer followed her dream and her passion for growing good wholesome food to feed her family, friends and neighbors.  She soon discovered that not all her neighbors were pure of heart.  Over the past 10 years they have sought to take her farm away from her.  They have been abusive, underhanded and plain obnoxious. Throughout it all, she has stood firm, fought back and inspired many people to step forward to "Stand with Martha".  No matter how bad things get,Martha always has a kind word and a radiant smile .  Her story and her positive attitude in the face of adversity have attracted people to support her.

Legislators so outraged by how the laws are being abused by government agencies and appointed commissions have carried bills for her to try to right so many wrongs. Movie and documentary producers followed her battle for years releasing an award winning documentary earlier in the year called "Farming in Fear". Martha also has a website,  In Martha's own words, "Today will never come again.  Be Humble. Be Compassion. Be Love. Be Light".     Listen to Martha Boneta    

User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2016-01-14 17:48:16
Enough of these cases have occurred in Fauquier to establish a pattern and practice of local prejudice and bias against newcomers - especially women. 
Basic property rights of "quiet enjoyment" are unenforceable when the County/State or Federal officials create laws with "strict language" that denies our property rights and common understanding known to industrys (real estate or timber) are then used to fraudulently misclaim rights through intent to abuse and harass. 
I too have a similar horror story. I have been frustrated through the legal process, and failure of local authorities to enforce the law to protect me against those who would trespass and damage my property. Court is not the answer - as that too has a local bias and prejudice that precludes evidence, or the relevant facts and distorts facts to attack the victim. 
Martha is an activist. That is what made America great. Not standing up for injustices and wrongs - allow acceptance for failures in our democracy. 
Martha is taking the high road in going to court. I hope that the local bias and prejudice as seen again and again in these cases is taken on by outside agencies to investigate the harassment in her case.
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