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On the Commons with Gary Solomon Print

Dr. Solomon has had his finger on the pulse of association atrocities for a number of years. He has heard from homeowners who were confused, scared and at their wit's end.  They have talked to him, cried on his shoulder and written him long emails.  Through it all, he has developed a keen sense of what people are going through and what the effects are on their health.  He understands the terror some homeowners live under and he also has unique perspective of where it all started and where it is headed.  And the news is not good.

Dr. Gary Solomon joins us On The Commons this week. Dr Solomon is a retired Psychology Professor and a psychotherapist who has been studying the physical, emotional and psychological effects of stress and abuse on HOA homeowners. He has written a number of papers discussing the problems and published an e-book called HOA Crisis in America that is available for free.  His research continues and he is committed to making a difference in the HOA arena.  He explains why we are having these problems.   It all comes down to money and the never ending supply that is being syphoned out of owners' accounts.    Listen to Gary Solomon    

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