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On the Commons with Jason Helvenston Print
Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch , or a redeemed social condition;  to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived - that is to have succeeded."

Do you suppose Ralph was thinking about homeowner associations and the many petty municipal governments around with ridiculous rules, ordinances and abusive enforcement mechanisms when he wrote that?  His message seems to have fallen on deaf ears because these entities continue to make life miserable for their members and constituents. 

Fortunately there are more individuals who are doing some amazing things to make the world a better place, not for just one person but for hundreds of people, despite their local governments.

Joining us On The Commons this week is Jason Helvenston.  Jason and his wife, Jennifer, wanted to grow their own food but edible plants tend to require sun and the sun happened to be in their front yard so that's when they planted their herbs and vegetables.  However, the city council of Orlando, Florida thought grass would look normal and so they did what petty governments do so well, they issued an ultimatum, "plant grass or else... we will fine you $500 a day!".  The Helverstons believe in protecting their right to plant whatever they want on their own property so they fought back and they WON!  You'll have to listen to their story to realize that their garden is only the first step to opening our eyes and how they are making so many people "breathe easier."      Listen to Jason Helvenston

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