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On the Commons with Greg Dorchcak Print
Homeowners in the country's almost 325,000 HOA controlled developments have been getting "threat letters" for years  from the association or the association lawyers  regarding some of the stupidest complaints.  How on earth does a dusty mailbox, a cracked flower pot, one rose bush too many, a pudgy pooch or cream colored window coverings instead of eggshell white ones adversely affect property values?  The greatest value one derives from being a homeowner is  the ability to do as one pleases in one’s own home.  But for 63 million American homeowners who live in controlled kommunities , it is a value that is nonexistent.  

Being on the receiving end of such ridiculous violation notices causes stress, which, as we all know can lead to serious illnesses.  Dr Gary Solomon has coined the phrase “The HOA Syndrome” to describe this set of illnesses.

However, I am told that laughter is the best medicine so this week we take a break from the horrors and have some fun.  

Joining us On The Commons this week is Greg Dorchak.  The multitalented Greg is an award winning actor, a film producer and director, a cartoonist, a stand-up comedian and writer from Austin, Texas.  When Greg had his first run in with his HOA, he took care of the complaint then started talking to his neighbors.  Being naturally funny,  he found the humor in all of the HOA lunacy and the idea for “The Code Enforcer” was born. You can watch the teaser here: .   Greg’s website is  Be sure to check it out.    Listen to Greg    

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