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On the Commons with Marjorie Murray Print
It is no secret that life in an involuntary membership corporation is anything but serene and calm and it certainly is not fair.  In fact homeowners more often than not find themselves alone when in a conflict  with the association.  The laws are tilted very heavily in favor of the association and the association usually gets away with unbelievable abuses.  But what if some of the laws were more consumer friendly?  What if there were laws that actually regulated some of the abuses, heavy handed tactics and bad behavior that is so common?    What will it take to get some of these laws enacted? 
Joining us On The Commons this week we have  Marjorie Murray.  Marjorie is the Founder and President of the Center for California Homeowner Association Law.  She maintains an excellent web site at  We’ll talk about the legislation members of her organization and the partnerships they formed managed to get enacted.   We will also learn how these consumer friendly laws are altering the outcome of controlled housing in the California courts.   We’ll also get some tips on how to lobby successfully in our own states.     Listen to Marjorie Murry

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