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Ont the Commons with Nick Leggette Print
Playing, building, running, climbing, imagining, creating and having fun was part of everyone's childhood.  In the process we got exercise, learned new skills, bonded with parents and grandparents,  played with friends and  built things.  Isn't that what being a child is all about?  But in the brave new controlled residential world that has taken over traditional neighborhoods, we value elusive property values over a child's health and wellbeing.  We willingly trade in their ability to run and play and have fun in exchange for  a "neat and tidy" backyard that is not usually visible.  
How will we pay for this new lifestyle where rules and a blade of grass are more important than our children?   
"Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences".  -Robert Louis Stevenson 
We are joined On The Commons by Nick Leggett .  Nick is a HAM and an inventor who owns several patents for his inventions.  He attributes his creativity, curiosity and skills to building things with his Dad in their backyard.  He called it a "safe adventure".  In fact those adventures are among his favorite memories.  Join us as we talk about what it must be like for kids in today’s housing and wonder what the impact of this will be for our future.     Listen to Nick Leggette     

User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2013-11-02 09:22:57
Thank you for the thought-provoking interview with my brother Nick Leggett. 
Our idyllic and stimulating childhood was due,in large measure,to having progressive parents.The 50's had its own set of horrors-naked racism and sexism being the worst.(I thank our parents for teaching us to think for ourselves,and in my case,teaching me not to bow to stereotypes regarding females-that I needn't see my future as preparation for being an upper middle class house slave.) 
I am thinking of an alternative to the idea that "the only adventure left is crime".During the 60's,people rose up against racism,with some success-what color is that guy in the White House? There has been marked progress in the status of women. There is still a long way to go,but yes,progress. Lyndon Johnson was,in effect,non-violently overthrown. The U.S, was defeated by mighty North Vietnam! As a young art student,as well as starting my adventurous career,I was a participant in all that. 
So.getting arrested at HOA meetings could be part of a campaign of non-violent activism.We know how to do it.Think Martin Luther King,Dorothy Day,Nelson Mandela,Cory Aquino,and such luminaries. 
Nick,thanks for reminding me of the backyard highway system,the tree house,and all the great moments of our childhood.But outside our back yard,there were some real evils.So what to do? Fight!
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