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On the Commons with Jan Bergemann Print
First homeowners are obligated to pay property taxes to their local government.  Then the same municipality mandates associations for all newly constructing dwelling units, forcing the owners to pay assessments in addition to property taxes for the services those taxes were initially intended to pay for.  But along the way, these same associations have been granted incredible powers and many have abused those powers.  The ensuing horror stories have convinced some legislators there is a dire need for some adult supervision in residential America.  But, unlike other laws enacted by our legislators, the homeowners will be taxed yet  AGAIN for that oversight. 
Why is none of this making any sense to me?  And at what point are we going to answer the all important question of whether or not HOAs as a viable form of housing? 

Joining us  On The Commons  this week is  Jan Bergemann .  Jan is president of Cyber Citizens for Justice www.ccfj,netand is a staunch advocate for fairness in association controlled housing in Florida.  Over the years he has fought for, and succeeded, in getting legislation passed that has evened out the playing field a little.  We will hear about the bill that was recently enacted, what it does and how it provides for some protections for condo owners and also we will hear about his plans for the next legislative session.     Listen to Jan Bergemann    

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