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On the Commons with Gary Solomon Print
Reports of embezzlement, theft, corruption, abuse and criminal activity in residential America are becoming a daily occurrence.  If it is true that only 10% of crimes ever see the light of day, and I have no reason to doubt that statistic, then the reports are a mere drop in the bucket of what is really going on.  Does that 10% hold true for what the FBI uncovered in Nevada as well? 
Joining us  On The Commons  this week is  Dr. Gary Solomon .  Dr. Solomon is a psychology professor in Nevada, an author and a human rights advocate.  He has coined the phrase “HOA Syndrome” to describe the physical, medical, psychological and emotional effects of life in mandatory membership homeowner associations.  Please join us for a fascinating discussion about what is going on today, the fall out of the massive FBI investigations on the corruption in Nevada and his predictions of how far the HOA abuses will go, the surveillance techniques that could be used and how he believes the insatiable greed for money will be satisfied.   And don’t miss his surprising twists and connections to other industries.    Listen to Gary Solomon    

User Comments

Comment by GUEST on 2013-08-23 17:49:34
Thanks for this inciteful interview with Dr. Solomon. He really put HOA issues in perspective with his explaination about the actual harm bad boards can do to their constiuents. As a victim of HOA abuse, I was not only arrested and jailed by my fellow board membersbut I had to short sell to get away from the abusive board who run the Venetian Condominiums in Scottsdale, AZ. Solomon has given me some solace while I continue with attorneys and appeals in Maricopa County Court. Please keep up the great work Shu.
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