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On the Commons with Bill Davis Print
What is an HOA?  The term and the concept seem to be shrouded in misunderstandings, misinformation and deliberate misnomers.  If there is so much confusion about what it is, can we all get on the same page to talk about a common concern and actually understand each other?  
Joining us  On The Commons  this week is  Bill Davis .  Bill, a Texas attorney who, after years of being caught up in the quagmires of controlled living, is starting to take on HOA cases  - representing the homeowners.  That is a very good thing for Texas owners.  Join us as we talk about HOAs in general, what they are and what they are not.  We also talk about the problems in general and some of the misinformation that is rampant in the world of residential corporate Amerika.    Listen to Bill Davis    

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